Every year the Swedish Radio (and others) arrange a week long event, where 3 Swedish profiles host a radio program for 7 days straight in a little house in my home town Malmö. During these days, they auction out things like celebrity signatures, dinners with celebs, and various things that could generate money. And every year, this charity event has a purpose. Last year it was to raise money to allow girls in underdeveloped countries to go to school. This year, they’re raising money for children in slums to access clean water. During these days, the money is raised, aside from the auctions, by music requests. You give a certain amount of money to request a song and all that money goes uncut to the fundraising. Unfortunately, the show is entirely in Swedish.

But since I have Zoe right now, and she’s so new to the world, I’m staying home and I can’t really go out and help raise money by the little house the event is at. Instead, I thought of a brilliant idea. When this event is over (the last day is December 16th), I will save 5 kronor every day until the next event which will take place in December next year. And all that money that I save until then, will be given straight to the fundraising for whatever cause they will raise money for by then. I admit, I’m not rich in money, but I’m rich in everything else. And it hurts to know that there are people on the planet that have it worse than I. So, the least I can do is to save a little money and contribute with whatever I can. I used to donate money to Medicins sans Frontiers, but I had to stop when I realized my bank account showed me a negative number by the end of each month. It hurt to stop, but I had to. When I’m capable of donating again, I most definitely will.There’s no doubt about that.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys. Giving is important, and what you give, you will eventually get back. Probably not from the same person you gave to, but someone else will definitely return the favor.

//c_Cae; Zoe has gotten me more appreciative than ever before


2 responses to “Charity

  1. Dear Cae,

    You’re a beautiful soul. Nuff said.



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