Summing up 2012 pt 2

Continuing where we left off…

I’m confused about time and the news about being pregnant has me even more confused. It doesn’t make things better that I have to wait a few more weeks before we can settle anything with a doctor. But my strong sense of service mind, is rewarding me as customers keep coming along with gifts and compliments. I start planning my thesis, thinking that I will have at least 4-5 more months to go before kiddo comes. We start thinking of what to call the baby, and we stick to kiddo/boss. Boss because she always kicked me whenever I went too fast, stressed, or did something that wasn’t good for my body. We decide on names, but decide to keep that to ourselves, too. By the end of the month, we decide to let you guys, my readers, know about how I’ve become a human incubator.

We find out that I’m due a lot earlier than expected, and it results in postponing my evening classes and thesis. My newly started course includes a field trip and I worry I might overdo things and drag my classmates down by being pregnant. It turns out, everyone is a lot more helpful than I ever expected and my professors are far more understanding that I ever imagined. It helps, but I still feel like I am in the way.
We also get our first ultrasound appointment, and we find out we’re expecting a little girl. We’re also given a dose of shock as the nurse tells us we’re 7 months along instead of 5. And so the stress level rose a little bit more.
I also participate at the annual science fair the university hosts.

We put up an ad for our apartment as we figure we can’t really live the way we do with a baby on the way. My hormones are messing with my memory, and occasionally I forget what I was like before all the hormones. That fact is more disturbing than anything else. We also start buying a lot of the baby stuff, and Zoe’s pile of clothes grows by the day. And out of randomness, the Dutchman buys me Guild Wars 2, and I am hooked. GW2 becomes my way of passing time, as I decide school is too much for my body to handle now that I’m getting bigger and bigger and am forced to stay at home.

We’re told I’m due November 16th, and as the date approaches, we get more anxious. My parents take me out for lunch twice a week to keep me company as the Dutchman works. Mom gets overprotective and she even escorts me home, even when I oppose.
The apartment gets sold, and we start to look for a new one with less worry.
After a long wait, I wake up at 4 am Friday November 30th, thinking I was only going to the bathroom. Splash, and my water breaks. My poor Dutchman had just gone to bed, and got no sleep as we call the hospital and a taxi to get us where we need to be. 11 hours, 1 morphine shot (to relax me as I only opened up 2 cm during 9 hours…) later, Zoe is in my arms. At first, I’m so taken by the side effects of the morphine (seriously, it was so bad I couldn’t hear the nurses…), I understand squat. I remember staring at my clothes, thinking why are they covered in blood and why is there something heavy on my chest? That was going through my mind repeatedly, until I saw that cute little hand.

Sometime in November, round and as quick as a sloth

Sometime in November, round and as quick as a sloth

Little miracle!

Little miracle!

My update-rate increases as Zoe becomes my greatest source of inspiration. I discover how much love I have, and how much I love my extended family. I also find out my patience is almost endless with our little human, and we struggle a little to find her a Chinese name. I start to plan next year, and I realize I can’t finish off a few exams in January because Zoe is so dependent on me for food. I don’t mind, everything I do, I do it for her, regardless of how much it might hurt me.
Christmas is spent gazing into Zoe and finally realizing she is ours, and this is really happening. Now New Year’s Eve awaits and I’m curious of how it will be. Once again, it will be spent with the same nice crew as it has been the past three years. Never thought that New Year dinner from 2009 would become successful enough for all of us to gather and enjoy ourselves again.
Thinking back, we were all kids back then (haha makes us feel old now), and how half of us are now parents to 2 lovely little humans. What to expect of 2013, then?

What true love looks like to me

What true love looks like to me

//c_Cae; figuring out my resolutions…



One response to “Summing up 2012 pt 2

  1. Dearest Caely,

    You have been very generous sharing your love and life with me. Cannot tell you how blessed I feel. I will be there with you in spirit as the Old Year gives up the ghost and the New Year come toddling in. Kind of fitting that Zoe is there to show it the way.

    I hope the New Year is freighted with happiness and smiles and love for your entire family and I wish you the very best in all things.



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