Nevermind new year resolutions

Never make a promise you can’t keep, they say. Yet many of the people celebrating new year will. Resolutions associated with this celebration are rarely kept, and I’m speaking of both own experiences and observed ones. So when we started celebrating new years with the extended family back in 2009, we set up goals and plans instead. They’re far easier to keep and they’ll inspire you instead of putting pressure on you.

Here I am, four years later and I’m happy to say at least half of those goals are achieved, even if Zoe was something I’d expect myself to have later in life. No regrets, just a really really pleasant turn of events. I think I’ll need to add a few goals for this year, what it’ll be I don’t know. I just know that 2012 was indeed a year of change. Much has happened, and I don’t regret anything. I don’t think I do at least.

I did take a few photos on New Year’s Eve, but I left the camera at my mom’s so I can’t upload any yet. My klutz level hasn’t decreased ;)

Oh well, I better play some Tetris before Zoe wakes for her night meal. Any goals/resolutions, my dear readers? No matter, here’s a little something to get you guys on track for the new year ;)

//c_Cae; 2013, what will we make of it?


2 responses to “Nevermind new year resolutions

  1. love the pic of the Dali Lama and his message and color of his glasses. oh, yes, love you, too. Happy New Year. Aloha, D.

    • You know, I share the same birthday as the Dalai Lama (very proud).
      Love you too, and a happy new year, love.

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