A little gift to me

Happy Friday, everyone!

Before heading out for a coffee with a friend today, the mail came. Excitingly staring at the mailbox on the door, letters and a small package came through. I stare at it because I’m still waiting for my jacket I ordered months ago, it’s still not here but I’m patient.

The little package turned out to be my make-up brushes. Brilliant! I learned how to use them a while ago and it’s been hard finding a good set. This one came with a neat little faux leather bag. Very handy and very organized – I like!

20130208_233342 20130208_233401

Now that Zoe is asleep (and I get me-time), I need to get that mail written to my supers. So excited, like a little kid waiting to get that bag of candy. I really can’t wait to get back to my studies. But first, I need to write that essay I promised my prof I’d hand in in January. Whops :(

Oh, and the Lunar New Year celebrations start tomorrow! We’ll have Opa (and maybe Oma) over first, before heading to my parents and close the year with a family dinner. Nothing fancy, just a little get together. Next week, we’re heading to my grandparents and celebrate there. I see a lot of red envelopes coming our way. Those are the little red ones with money to bring in luck for the new year. And since the Dutchman and I are technically married (scary word that is!) according to some customs, we’ll have to give out some red envelopes, too. Boo, more adult points, haha.

The middle character in the first envelope is my family name – Cheung.

Oh, about the pictures of Zoe that are thumbnails – that’s on purpose. Our concern about the pictures of our daughter coming to the wrong hands are too great, so we’ll have them as thumbnails. It’s little but better than nothing for you guys. Hopefully  I can update tomorrow, too. Until then, cherrio~

//c_Cae; off I go! 


One response to “A little gift to me

  1. Love the make up brushes. Happy new year. Yep red packets suck when you’re married. I think it should be the other way around. Don’t we need them more now than we did before being married?

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