Suddenly, the urge to review

Since I started using the WP app on Android, I have picked up the urge to review things. The review for the WP app will come up soon, that is as soon. I just need a good night’s sleep and reflect a little more on the iOS version. Because right now, the review looks too biased to the Android, and that is never the point of a review.

I’ve also begun to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica again. It’s an anime that made a huge impact on me, although I was very skeptical about the title. It had magic in it, and was categorized as a shojô (genre about teenage girls). These two things have never really appealed to me as a combination (they work well separately, though).

So, I will toss up a review on that show, too. Also, I will take up on any requests you guys might have. As usual, I’ll watch whatever the request is, let it be a series (in which case I will watch at least one season before) or a movie. It might take some time before I’ll be able to shoot them up a few days after receiving the request and that reason is spelled Zoe. I don’t mind though, I want to resume my writing and I think I even got a good idea for this week’s photo prompt from the Fictioneers. We’ll see if I can get that story published tomorrow. It’s all about time after all.

I also got a reply from my supers about my thesis. Seems like it’ll be postponed again due a pregnancy (not mine, but one of my supers is  :D). So sometime during end of summer/September, I’ll start. Then finally, by the end of the year, I’ll have my Bsc. So during the summer, I’ll probably work, spend time with my family, write (a lot!), and exercise. Perhaps I will even have time to get a diver’s license? Fingers crossed! Now to tend to my nerdy needs, I’ll divert my attention to the PS event.

//c_Cae; SquareEnix rocks my pants (no more than Optimus Prime though ;)) 


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