Teeth and stuff

Zoe is teething. I know, right? 12 weeks old and her teeth are already popping up. I learned the hard way (read: kiddo bit me a few times). Other than that, she’s very busy exploring the world outside of her parents. So far she has discovered her hands, feet and things that move around her. Sometimes it freaks her out, and sometimes she’s daring enough to reach for it.

Today, we were out celebrating another beloved friend’s birthday (Jan-March is a really busy time for us with loads of birthdays). Because of this celebration, Zoe had her first visit to a restaurant, which I have to point out was a sushi restaurant. Other than being something in between curious and scared of all the new things, she did fine. As usual, I forgot to take pictures… But V and I shared an awesome lava cake with caramelized bananas, and it was awesome! If you’re ever here, I definitely recommend you guys to try it out at Hai sushi restaurant.

Other than hanging out with our huge family, I’m trying to figure out what to do this summer. I want to work, but I miss school so bad. It probably is for the better that my thesis is postponed until September, but I’m so eager to get started.
If it’s one thing parenting has taught me so far (except patience), it is that everything you do, you do for the future of your family. Whenever things are hard, I look at Zoe and I remember why I do what I do (and also because I want to save the world). The strength is something I cannot describe properly, but I’m sure every parent out there understands. Or so I have been taught. This parenting thing still occasionally scares the living out of me but then I remember this:

//c_Cae; “fear stands for two things; 1. forget everything and run and 2. face everything and rise – the choice is yours”


2 responses to “Teeth and stuff

  1. Dear Caely,

    You are so beautiful. When my son was teething we used to dip our fingers in brandy and let him suck on them. Works like a charm.

    Keep writing.



    • Dearest friend,

      Thank you, as always, for your lovely words.
      We’re trying rum here. It’s working so far.


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