Pull the trigger?

The following story, is a part of a weekly train of writers, that with each photo prompt write their best stories from the inspiration of said photo. After a while off this train of the brilliant Friday Fictioneers, now lead by Rochelle, I’m now back. This is my contribution.

I stood there, all paralyzed. I didn’t know what to do. I no longer had anyone to discuss things with. The others were left behind, one after the other. Just a few days ago, we counted to ten. Now, it was just Vince and I.

And here I was, about to end it. I definitely should, before I myself fell into it. But could I muster up the courage to do it? The strength required for the task? I was in such doubt, Vince was the only one who could convince me to “Just do it”, as he’d put it.


27 responses to “Pull the trigger?

  1. I liked your train analogy, Caely… each car a different story.

    I’m not sure what to make of your story. A horror story? Or maybe they are the last ones in a game… like Survivor. I think I will opt for the voice killing Vince to end it.

    • Thank you, both for reading and commenting.
      It’s not a game, more like survival of the fittest mind. Whether or not the will of survival is strong enough…

  2. I’m wondering why they’re all killing themselves–suicide pacts of some sort or something more sinister? Or were the others left behind in some other way (or just literally) for some reason that will be ended if the narrator kills herself?


    • I’d say a suicide pact would be more humane, considering it is by choice. Here, death is the only way to escape it all…

  3. Your title tells a terrible tale..!
    Your story leads me to wonder what on earth could have been the cause of your predicament. Obviously it wasn’t a positive event… I enjoyed the read… :)

  4. It’s a very interesting scenario to put with the picture. It leaves a lot to the reader to fill in the implications. I’m thinking that this is taking place in a post-apocalyptic world where there is no hope and they are all killing themselves to escape it. That was the impression I got, at least.

  5. This was indeed a mysterious read. That it was quite sinister I had no doubt, and Vince seems like a guy with the ability to convince.. Btw, nice to see another fictioneer writing from Sweden :-)

  6. Who is this Vince guy and what makes him so smart? He’s not so smart the sole survivor is the smart one, DON’T do it!

    • He is the last friend my main character had that had survived the pandemic in my fictionary world. Unfortunately, he caught the disease and my main character had to either kill him to end his misery or stay and die with him. What would you do?

  7. a scary premise, gave me shivers.

  8. Dear Caely,
    Welcome! Welcome! I’m happy to have you back on the train. You’ve set an ominous tone that comes through loud and clear. But I’ll admit to being a bit confused as to what’s actually happening. This seems to be some kind of suicide pact. I find myself wondering about Vince and hoping she doesn’t pull the trigger.

    • Dear R,

      Thank you! It’s getting harder and harder to manage to write something with you guys every week, as Zoe gets older.
      I like writing in confused terms, that way the reader can paint up a whole new world; some more glum than others. I let fantasy decide.

  9. Hi Caely, that was an interesting hook that made me interested to learn more. For flash fiction, you have an opportunity to save words, for example: I stood there, all paralyzed could be altered to I stood there, paralyzed and save a word here and there.

    • Hi!

      Thanks for the very useful piece of advice. I could really save a lot doing that (never thought of it myself, though).

  10. all kinds of good questions. why? what drove them to this? what were the consequences? fears? futures?

    well done.

  11. was it Russian Roulette? I’m not sure Vince is a good role model to hang out with.

    • No, it was not. I meant for it to take place in a postapocalyptic world where survivors have to “get rid of” infected individuals in order to survive themselves.

  12. I am wondering what is going on! You built the right tension and gave enough to the reader to mull over.
    Interesting work

    • Thank you. I should have written a prologue or something, to give better insight of the world I created. But it’s meant to be taking place in a postapocalyptic world…

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