Gotta move it, move it!

Holy crap! I compketely forgot to update about everything for you fuys. Like a dear friend said once; Girl, you got too much on your plate sometimes. He’s entirely correct, and today is not an exception.

On today’s schedule, we have to pack our lives into boxes and have them stored away. Why, you ask? Because bureaucracy in Sweden is a b*tch. The sale is still not registered at the IRS, and that has forced us to live with family and friends for a while. Luckily, we got the best friends you could ever wish to find. Zoe and I will live with my parents and the Dutchman with friends across the street.

And right after I’ve published this, I’ll post the review I promised on the WP app and I’ll take a look at this week’s photo prompt. Itll be delayed, but my muses are singing louder than ever. And I feel like I have to tend to them. Maybe one day, Zoe will read them and enjoy them, too.

Song of the day; Deep Purple – Paint it black

//c_Cae; amazing how I finish writing this on a bus. Yay multitasking!


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