What to do now?

Last night, I was stupid enough to put a glass of juice close to my computer. This glass never made it to my stomach, and instead decided to get closer to my laptop. A bit too close, if you ask me. I managed to wipe a lot of it off and this morning it even started up. Until I decided to take Zoe for a walk, left it unplugged to do back up. I didn’t think I was gonna be gone for that long so I thought the 90% charged battery would last.

But when I got home it had died. Thinking it would work just fine after being charged for a while,  I tried to start it up again. It didn’t. Several hours afterwards, namely 10, it hasn’t started. I think it died and I cant afford to get it fixed (because repairing it costs as much as getting a new one). Now the thing that brings me closest to uni is furthest away and I feel empty and sad. Empty because school is a huge part of me and my dream. And sad because I worked one whole summer to afford it (read: smiling at people as they threw potatoes at me. Waste of food.).

I miss my second most precious. And I miss my essay. Oh. My klutziness had nothing to do with the juice joining forces with my laptop.


2 responses to “What to do now?

  1. Dear Caely,

    I am heartbroken for you. Computer’s attract the weirdest things. I had a tent blow over in a windstorm and one of the tent poles smashed my laptop screen through the fabric of the tent. Lesson learned. No computers in tents, no tents in wind storms. Keep us posted as to how your getting on in the replacement scheme of things. Should be some inexpensive laptops out there. Perhaps the University has a line on some old used ones they’d let you use.

    Good luck,



    • Dear D,

      Glad to see your comment! My computer is still down, but I’m still hoping for the best.
      Uni won’t offer any used computers that I can borrow and use at home…

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