Another fast one

Phew. Just got off the phone with my insurance company, and luckily, my insurance covers the damage on my computer. Now I just need to make a trip to the Apple Store to have them see what they can do to save my precious little computer.

On the other hand, I’ve managed to answer all the comments made on previous posts. Most importantly, I replied to my latest Fictioneers prompt.

Zoe is sleeping, and I’m contemplating whether to keep making phone calls or to eat. Sometimes, I think that will be my downfall if I don’t learn to eat whenever I can. I should eat. I can’t even see the keyboard as I type. Not without squinting at least. Food it is. I just need to do this one thing first…

//c_Cae; when will I learn?


One response to “Another fast one

  1. Dear Cae,
    I’m pleased to hear that you computer’s covered by insurance.
    Eating is always a good thing. Give Zoe a kiss for me. Bet she’s getting bigger and prettier.

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