Zoe and I moved from my parents to the new apartment last week. I like living there so much, I have basically forgotten how much I liked the tiny apartment we had before. Still, many things need to be changed, but for now, it’s good enough.

Everywhere I look, we have bags of stuff. Stuff like clothes, our games, consoles and the like. We got wardrobes, but no shelves. I’m guessing the mandatory trip to IKEA can’t be postponed any more.

Because of all this mess, all I do during the days are to pack things up and tend to Zoe. That is all. Yesterday, I had like 10 minutes of rest before Zoe went to sleep for the night. And by the time she sleeps, I’m so exhausted, I take a snack before crashing into bed for a few hours of sleep. I have a lot to tell you guys but life is really busy now, and I feel bad for not writing. I need to get used to being busier than ever.

For now, here’s a treat for you guys;


Sitting on the couch like the Queen she is


//c_Cae; I must go, my daughter needs me


One response to “Messy

  1. You’re absolutely right, Cae, that was a treat. Zoe is a gem and all the work will be worth it. I wish you more time for rest and peace and a clean apartment. Breathe deep. It will happen.



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