Getting back on track

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. First I was disconnected, which I later realized wasn’t such a big deal. And when I thought it all got back on track again with me doing school work again, we spent a few nights at the hospital. Zoe hasn’t gained weight since 6 weeks back and we had to try other things to get her to gain weight. So, three days and two nights at the hospital was exhausting, but now she’s eating more than ever. Nothing was ever wrong with her apetite (or anything else for that matter), it was just that we had underestimated her metabolism. And we never noticed her being hungry. She was just another curious baby.

Now, we’re home again and she gets a lot more meals. Tough is what it was. I was basically awake 20h at the time and couldn’t sleep on that hospital bed. But again, nothing to worry about. She’s a good kid, happy and all. Just that we really underestimated her metabolism. Now we are aware and we can do better. I’m not even close to feeling as a bad parent. I just wish I could sleep a little more so my temper got better. Yes, I’m one of those people that get easily annoyed when hungry or lacking sleep haha.

My phone is still at the repair shop and it’s been three weeks. I don’t really miss it. My current one (Nokia C2) is able to receive and make calls as well as texts, so I’m fine. I just miss taking pictures. I really want to show you guys what our apartment looked and looks like. Oh well, soon enough I will have my phone back and I can take some pictures again.

For now, I got two things to share. One is a picture the Dutchman found, and the other is a song that I’m not sure if I have shared earlier. Either way, they’re both good so I thought I share. Sharing is caring!

And don’t look at this, and think money. Money helps but it’s not everything.

Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame. Where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burn. But just because it burns, doesn’t mean you’re gonna die.


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