Saturday night

Hm. I still suck at taking pictures and there’s still no proper pictures of the apartment (it’s horrible, I know). They’ll show, soon, promise.

I intended to work on my essay about sea turtles and their navigation, but that changed pretty fast. I was going to start typing, when Bayern München made a goal. It’s the Champions League finale and the Dutchman is working, while I try to work. It’s really hard to not get distracted when you live with a soccer enthusiast. Especially, when I don’t have my own desk/working place yet. Annoying, but wherever I can sit with my laptop will do for now.

We had lovely friends living here for a week during the Eurovision Song Contest last week. It was magical. I love our friends, and when they called and asked if they could stay, it was a clear answer for me. While having a three year old here wasn’t as tough as I thought, it sure brought up the place. And Zoe was really curious of having another little human around.

One thing stuck in my head though. One night, the friends were working, and I was working on my essay. As soon as I started typing, they kind of just blurred out that I type really fast. I don’t know. I just know that since elementary school, I’ve worked really hard to type fast because of a speed typing contest we had during computer classes. I hated losing (still do), so when I got my frist computer at home, I took the first three Harry Potter (and any other book I could come across), and started write them on the computer. That developed pretty fast and I kept improving. I improved so much, I came up top 3 almost all the time. And that only pushed me harder to be able to write faster.

However, I must have become quite rusty since last November. I haven’t written as much as I did before. Those countless ours in the computerlabs at uni pays off. Now I can watch TV and type at the same time without spelling mistakes. But I still tend to press the space bar a little too often. Anyway, I think I’ll go hang out with the Dutchman and his best friend who’s staying here during the weekend.

Until then, enjoy my view on my temporary work station haha.

Ah, the new Festis Apple, Golden Kiwi and Cucumber. Not so much of the cucumber, but a lot of the apple and kiwi. I think I found a new fave.

Ah, the new Festis Apple, Golden Kiwi and Cucumber. Not so much of the cucumber, but a lot of the apple and kiwi. I think I found a new fave.

Oh procrastination!

Oh procrastination!

//c_Cae; ugh, never thought I’d mention soccer in a post ;O


One response to “Saturday night

  1. Dear Caely,

    And you know the first three Harry Potter books by heart. Gooooaaaaaallllllll!

    Aloha, Doug

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