Help a man save his daughter

Charity is a great part of my life. I’m not just talking about donating money to random organisations I know nothing about, but everything from everyday charity as helping someone on the bus or giving direction to a confused tourist to dig up information and sharing them so many more can help a certain cause.

And today, something came to me and it hurt me deeply as a mother. But to make you all understand my title, and the reason to this post, I will give you a background story first.

My Dutchman used to (and still does, when given chance) play a lot of MineCraft. MineCraft is a simple game where only your creativity put limit to what you can do within the game. Because of this broad spectrum of possibilities, many programmers and players develop mods, tools that help you modify the game (since it’s open source) and make things easier in your world. One of many creators, one whom my Dutchman follows daily on YouTube has asked for help.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, he has to go to court and claim custody of his daughter. I could re-tell the story to you guys here, but I believe his own words are better, therefore I will only link it. You may read it here.

If you cannot donate and help this man and his daughter, spread the word. Retweet his tweet if you have Twitter, share it on Facebook, and so on. It’s not that hard to listen to another person’s appeal.

//c_Cae; sharing is caring!


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