Never felt this good!

I just felt the biggest rush of happy feelings. I haven’t had such a rush since uh, probably since Zoe was born.

I’m right now on the bus, heading home after a long day. I realized I’m exactly where I want to be. I’m a good mom, I work and I’m getting back on track with my studies. I was a bit worried that I had put way too much on my plate, but now that I’m here with it, it feels better than ever.

I’m happy with absolutely everything in my life at this very moment. Now I just got to get home and take some pictures before I get on with the next post here. I thought I could at least let you see my pickles and my work space. See you later!

//c_Cae; I have to remember this feeling now.


2 responses to “Never felt this good!

  1. Dear Caely,

    You have mastered early the fine art of being happy. Never lose it and you’ll have a fine time for the rest of your long and happy life.



    • Dear D,

      I hope I can stay this way, and I hope you’ll be here with me on this great journey :)


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