Work work work

Puh. Finished studying for a while, although I’m not too confident on the outcome of my exam. But oh well, I did what I could at the moment, and whatever hits me, hits me. I’ll take it head on.

It just occurred to me that I have a WAA post to get going. Thank god, I wrote down a plan on what my next three posts will be about. Now I just follow it and everything will be alright. Too bad someone already reviewed the new Superman movie. I wanted it real bad haha. Oh well, I got another project going on and it involves some real good art. I’m glad I can help, that’s all. And to help such a nice artist, makes it even better. What’d you guys think of it?

Jay Z. Courtesy (website coming soon)

Meditate (

My personal fave: Cavill did a good Superman (

//c_Cae; if I’m proud of my friend? You can bet your ass I am.



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