That feeling

I have a lot on my plate now. There’s my thesis, there’s a few side projects, and there is little Zoe. Of course, Zoe is the most important thing of my life.

Because of this, I was worried that I had taken onto myself a little too much, and was therefore feeling a little spaced out. Last Saturday while at work, I could barely breathe. I worry and then I let it go. Today I found out why. I’m not really ready to give it all out just yet, but it isn’t good news. Sometimes I just hate my gut feeling that makes me as useful as a piece of slime. You know, good to poke at, but for other purposes – entirely useless.

But, there still are things that cheer me up. Things like my mother’s pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup).

Best food in the world.

Best food in the world.

//c_Cae; full of food…


4 responses to “That feeling

  1. Dear Caely,

    Stay strong and focused. You are right about Zoe and everything else. Let us know what you can when you can. Concerned but confident here.



    • Dearest D,

      I will, because you and R are always commenting. It means a lot and gives me even more strength =) (because you’re wise and experienced <3).
      Don't worry, it's just that life happens all the time, and it surprises me both in good and in bad ways. But I have to take the bad with the good so I can actually enjoy the short life we have on this planet.


  2. Dear Caely,

    To quote Bert the Chimney Sweep, “Childhood slips like sand through a sieve.” In other words enjoy little Zoe.
    You do have a lot on your plate. Take time to rest so your bright star doesn’t burn out too soon. The pho looks delicious. One of my favorite foods.



    • Dear R,

      I will have you join in on pho when we meet! It’s a dish I can eat three times a day for the rest of my life.
      And thank you for commenting, it means the world to me.


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