Interesting stats I got when I checked in just now and looked at my numbers. Just because I wrote for two consecutive days, my numbers skyrocketed. Very interesting.

Today was nothing fancy. Was at work, and for some reason customers actually listened to what I had to say. Instead of just cursing all the time, they listened when I told them that the line would go faster if they actually waited instead of stressing the staff. I’m still flabbergasted that it worked. I’ve tried countless of times to convince people just stressing about something you can’t do much but wait, won’t get them out of there anytime faster. Also it was very weird when little girls walked up and told me they liked me because I was the happiest person around. Interesting.

Trying to live by this. It’s hard but what the hell, nothing that comes easy is worth keeping.

During the summer, there’s an old couple that occasionally sell honey (from their own farm) right next to where I work. They’re a lovely couple, and they know a lot. That combination is very lethal to my devotion to work. Because of my previous post and my greed for knowledge, I can’t help but discuss everything with them. I adore them for many reasons; they know a lot, many stories and experiences, and they’re farmers that I get to know first hand. The latter is a very important thing since I’m picky with my food whenever I am given options. I always want to know where my food comes from, and if possible I even want to speak to the person responsible for growing it. Let it be meat or vegetables or fruit, I want to know.

Anyway, back to the lovely couple. Apparently, they are as fond of me as I am of them, and so they invited me to come visit them in their home so they can show me all of their farm. Basically, they invited me over to show me around and also discuss my thesis. The man, Sven, tried to grow blow flies to sell as fishing bait so he wanted to exchange knowledge. For the first time, I get to share my knowledge with a professional. Yay!



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