I love sleep, but I never thought I’d wake up at 2pm. I did that today, and now, approximately 8 hours later, I am yawning in front of my laptop. I need sleep. I want to sleep, but there’s an event on the MMO I am playing and I want to participate. Meh. First world problems.

I want a labrador retriever… So bad… Half couch potato, half super-active, just like me.

//c_Cae; what to do, what to do…


3 responses to “Sleepyhead

  1. Dearest Caely,

    You are a beautiful, happy loon and I love you. Lucky Lab if you get one. Big happy family, too. You brighten my day, girl. Now take a nap.



    • Dear D,

      I love you too, dear friend. My posts enlighten your day, like your comments enlighten mine.


  2. Dear Caely,

    The puppy in the picture makes me want to curl up next to it and take a nap. I’m normally up between 2:30 and 3:00 in the morning writing and or chatting with good friends. Of course by 8:00 pm my brain is mush. Guess you can say I’m not the life of the party. ;)

    If you get a lab be sure to take plenty of pictures. They are such sweet dogs.



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