I finally managed to scribble down some preliminary plans for the coming two weeks on when to work at what. Just doing that felt amazing. One thing I have realized, and is starting to come to terms with, is that children at Zoe’s age are very unpredictable when it comes to their routines. Unpredictability is my nemesis sometimes, because I love to plan everything to the minute. It’s how I work. Now, however, I have to adjust and take every opportunity I have to get going with what I want to do.

I’m not blaming Zoe for being unpredictable, babies are – end of story. I simply have to adapt to her needs, not the other way around. Anyway, the unpredictability has left my calendar empty for a while, and that in turn makes me unproductive in my work. However, today I have been feeling extra productive. Went to the lab and got the culture going, looked and printed out some relevant articles, and I hope I can get some writing done. I’ve been lazy on that front, which is awful, but that only means I can get better at it as of now.

About those bad news… My grandma is hospitalized again, and this time the doctors can’t do anything about it. I hate cancer. There. It’s out. It makes me appreciate things even more, although at the same time it breaks me. I try not to over-think things. Oh well, time to make dinner. Write you laters!

//c_Cae; took some photos when working in lab, will publish later. First, dinner!


4 responses to “Working

  1. Dear Caely,

    I’m so sorry about your grandma. The big C is an indescribable beast.

    Personally I’m amazed at what you’re able to get done, even with your little one. Not having a scientific nueron in my brain, it’s hard to relate to cultures, petrie dishes and labs (aside from canines).

    Babies have a way of demanding our time and attention on their terms.

    My love and thoughts are headed your way.



    • Dear R,

      Thank you for everything you just wrote. I can’t stress enough that they mean a lot to me, probably more than you know.

      I would love to explain more of my scientific work to you. I could even simplify it, and still make sense of it if you’d like :)

      Lots of love,

  2. Dear Caely,

    I love you. You love life. Life is Love.

    Your grandmother is going to be buoyed by your presence as you each journey together down that road we all must travel. Stay strong, do not change. Bend like the reed in the storm when you must, but do not break. Life is not for the faint of heart.

    Please do yourself a favor and follow the blog of the person who writes it. Link is here —->

    Jennifer is a good friend who has recently given birth to a baby boy named Sebastian and I have found that her posts about writing, life and the demands of raising a newborn all make me think about you. And your post makes me think about her. It just struck me that you might like to read her stuff and perhaps, slowly and naturally over the course of time, maybe have a meeting of the minds and a friendship. Stranger things have happened (our wonderful, unlikely friendship). Anyway, I’m thinking of you and I thank the stars that you wrote to me long ago.




    • My dearest friend,

      Your words have touched me enough to make me cry. Life is tricky, and indeed not for the faint of heart, and if I do decide to change, it will be for the better. As heartbreaking as reality is, it still fascinates me in a way I cannot explain.
      I will take a look at Jennifer’s blog, and eventually I will do what I did on yours; go back to the first posts and read them chronologically again and again.

      I don’t remember what made me write you. Maybe it was that little magic touch you give your words, maybe it was the picture of you and how you painted up the beautiful Faroe Islands. I really don’t know, but I know I am endlessly thankful for it. Without it, I never would have gotten to know you, and I probably would have gave up writing long ago.

      Your endlessly thankful friend,

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