One thing to check off the list

Phew. Had an exam yesterday, and the pressure before it threw me off my balance completely. Now that it’s done, and I feel comfortable with my attempt, I feel like I can take on anything. Sleeping for 10h also helped a lot (Zoe is very understanding to my needs of sleep, thank goodness!).

Now with the laundry done, I think I will follow up on my weekly series before I tackle some of the tasks I have given myself. I figured that once I have gotten the WAA post ready, which I hope will be on Sunday, I can write my project plan. Writing things are easy for me, but I am an incredibly slow starter except when it comes to food and sleep.

So next week will be very productive. I will start a new course, which will automatically put me on my highest gear resulting in a very productive me. It’s what school does to me. I love it that much. I don’t even mind homework, never have and probably never will.

Anyway, I need to get a better grip and then I will post a few pictures of me working in the lab. So until next time, here’s the first picture I saw this morning when I got up:

I want to eat it all, maybe not the tuna of environmental reasons, but you get my glutton point ;) 

And here’s a picture of Zoe, destroying the neatly stacked games we put in perfect order (console first, then alphabetically).

2013-10-28 12.05.23

//c_Cae; I love my life, even if it tends to get too much sometimes


2 responses to “One thing to check off the list

  1. Dear Caely!

    I love you and your incredible zest for life. Zoe is a lucky little girl. (Was that sushi tray made by you and/or yours?)



    • Good morning D (it’s almost 8am here now)

      Thank you :) the sushi plate was just a picture from one of my fave restaurants here. I wish it was mine…


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