Found my favorite ice cream flavor!

I’m not the kind of girl that loves sweets in the senses of candies, ice cream, or crisps. Only occasionally, at most twice a month, do I enjoy ice cream. Most of the time, I actually prefer fruit and salads as snacks, especially sun dried cranberries (I’m a sucker for those). I just don’t like the sugar in sweets that most people like (or are addicted to).

But, last time I was out grocery shopping, I saw an interestingly flavored ice cream; candy banana. There’s no proper translation to its exact flavor, but the ice cream itself taste like Banana Skids, which I am sure many of you recognize. If not, here’s a picture for reference:

And, there are marshmellows embedded in to the ice cream without it tasting like you just swallowed half a bag of sugar. It’s heaven for me. So yesterday, and today (right now actually), I’m committing gluttony (don’t I always?). And here’s a treat of what I look like at the moment. My hair is set up because it distracts me from studying. The hair has very slowly recovered from the pregnancy and breastfeeding. These two processes cause huge hormonal imbalances in your body, and first things to show that imbalance is your skin and your hair. Those are the two guides that at first hand tell you something is off in your body, so make sure you take care of yourself.

Sorry, I look like a mess. Haven't slept for a week or so. Sleep deprivation get the best of me :(

Sorry, I look like a mess. Haven’t slept for a week or so. Sleep deprivation get the best of me :(

Anyway, I put it up because my split ends distract me when I intend to do things. Some nights, when I intend to study or write something, I end up taking care of my split ends instead. Seriously, I can waste hours on it. So, as a countermeasure, I put it up. And the ball ended up so far up front on my head because my bangs are getting too long. Long story short; I need to cut my hair.

Now I must devour my ice cream before it melts as I try to process the last of my studies for my exam (to which I have zero confidence in passing…).

//c_Cae: should post more pictures of myself, no?


2 responses to “Found my favorite ice cream flavor!

  1. Dear Caely,

    I see that I’m woefully behind in my reading and commenting. I’ve been trying to stay ahead on my Friday Fictioneers stories. I write and post ahead so when they post I’m not freaking out trying to get to everyone else’s stories while trying to come up with one I’m happy with. (I’m very hard to please).

    I haven’t eaten ice cream or sugar in years. It was a conscious choice about 14 years ago and has made a difference in my psyche. Recently I’ve been put on a rather strict diet for health reasons.

    As for pregnancy…yep it causes lots of hormonal changes. I was a classic preggo when it came to cravings. Two of my pregnancies, my hair went from curly to limp-straight only to go back to curlier than before afterward. The joys of being a woman.

    Yes to more photos of yourself. You’re a beautiful girl.



    • Dear R,

      I’m sorry for being so terribly late in replying. As you can imagine, I’ve been ridiculously busy.
      I’m also someone that is hard to please, and whatever I do, I never feel like it’s satisfying enough. In that sense, we are very much alike (I like how we find similarities all the time!).

      Wow, 14 years, really? That is impressive! I already have a strict diet. I almost never buy anything with caster sugar, or any processed food. Sometimes, I don’t even want canned tomatoes (that’s when I’m really extreme and don’t want anything with any preservatives served with a meal).

      Oh, the pregnancy changes. Sometimes I like them, and sometimes I don’t. Whenever I don’t, I tend to find myself thinking that those changes is a little price to pay, because we literally built another little person in our own bodies. Very cool, and creepy at the same time.

      Happy holidays, dearie.


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