What holiday spirits?

After have done some serious gift shopping the past two days, we’re finally all set with our gifts. I absolutely adore how the Dutchman and I work together when we’re out shopping.

– Hey, what you think of this one for *insert name*?
– Think that’d be great along with this. Let’s go for it, yes?
– Already in line, love.

Every single time, that’s how it goes. It’s efficient and we don’t have to cruise around tens of stores, only to end up in the first one, buying the first potential gift we looked at.

Although, we’ve spent hours shopping, I don’t have that holiday spirit. I’m thinking it’s because of the lack of snow here. There’s only been rain, and it’s not even cold enough to wear proper winter clothes. It most certainly does not help that Christmas songs have been playing everywhere since mid-October. Now, it’s just background noise. I hope the spirits kick in tomorrow. If not, see you next year, I guess.

Now, I’m up for a challenge. The past coming days, 23-26th, are fully booked, and I have nothing to wear. Okay, that’s a lie. I have a lot to wear, I just don’t know what. I got the shoes for all days figured out, and I got the hair figured out for tomorrow. As to what to put on my body, I have no clue. Maybe a dress. I feel like wearing a dress, but I don’t know which one. Zoe is asleep so I can’t really go rogue on my closets. Guess I have to wake up early tomorrow to think about it.

Hair for tomorrow. It works, yes?

//c_Cae; what to wear, what to wear…


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