2 down, 2 to go.

Sometimes having a big family means you’ll be occupied for several days, especially during big holidays. Christmas is no exception, and after having spent two Christmas dinners already, we have two more to go.

I’m pretty much exhausted. I just got back from the kitchen after prepping the pies and the punch I have to bring to the dinner party tomorrow. Potlocks are awesome! I wouldn’t want to be cooking for 30+ people. 30+ extremely picky people, if I might add. Pies are resting in fridge, as well as the punch. I think I might need to add some honey to the punch, it’s still a bit acidic. Hopefully the ginger will kick in during the night. If not, I’ll have time tomorrow to adjust. I love making things that allow time to be adjusted. They make me feel less stressed. And I’m especially thankful that I have had the “one day at the time”-mindset for this holiday season.

But even with this mindset, I am longing for New Years. We’re hosting the party at our new apartment, and I’ve just created the menu sheet. I think I overdid the whole hosting thing, but hey, you have got to set the bar up high, right? I’m impressed I composed such a menu. It’s a three course dinner, even adapted for kids. I hope our extended family will like it.

Maybe I’m also longing for New Years because a new year would kind of mark a new beginning. A beginning where I actually spend time at the lab, getting things done, and overcoming the occasional grief attacks that I tend to get sometimes. I don’t like this emotional rollercoaster, but life is giving me the ride anyway so I might as well get on and have the ride of my life.

I want to post pictures, but I’m too tired for it (1am here now). So for now, settle with this little message I have to give you:

Happy holidays, and cherish everything. Also, don’t forget to smile. That one is the most important one. Smile.

Oh mr. Schultz, how your creation have made me laugh countless of times.

//c_Cae; I wish I could join all of you in your festivities, because sharing is caring <3 also, you would have food ;)


2 responses to “2 down, 2 to go.

  1. Dear Caely,

    I admire your “one day at a time” attitude toward the holidays. After all that’s all we really have . Today. I’m trying to remember to cherish the here and now. I’m not always successful. Thank you for the reminder. Sounds like a lot of fun planned and a good year ahead.



    • Dear R,

      That mindset is probably the most easy to forget during these days of holidays. But it’s important, we really have no clue in what tomorrow holds for us. I’ll reveal the new year menu soon enough. Now, I will just sit back and relax. Been a long day, as usual.


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