Scattered thoughts

I can’t find my groove today. The past few days, I’ve been at my favorite café writing. The report is almost done: I only have one section and revising left to do. For three days, I have been incredibly productive and written far more than I have the past year. But today, something feels off. There’s a lump in my chest that’s been there since yesterday, and it won’t go away. At best, I’ve written one paragraph. At least my reference list is proper and in perfect shape. 

I forgot to mention I met my parents’ goddaughter last weekend. Unfortunately, the only pictures of us are in a camera in the Netherlands. I’ll retrieve them eventually, so until then you guys will have to sit and wait for them. 

I never thought that I would meet someone that was so much like myself. She’s just as crazy, and lives her life to the fullest (while keeping a few too crazy things from her parents, much like me). She was only here for four days, but those four days was filled with more laughter than the past few months have been. Of course, the lack of laughter has its reasons, but it kind of hurts when I remember how long we forgot to laugh. I haven’t seen my parents that happy for good while. They hadn’t met Susan (the goddaughter) since she left Vietnam for Australia 1985/86. We even lost contact, and only retrieved it six months ago, I think… 

Anyway, we keep in touch now. This sister, I’m not gonna lose :) She always wanted a baby sister, and I always wanted an older one that was crazy enough to keep up with me. 

Two crazy tarts...

Two crazy tarts…

2014-01-08 14.41.44

Same kind of humor, too!

The conversation is not comprehensive, so don’t get too confused, dear readers :)

At least those screenshots got me to smile now. Perhaps I can get back to work at the same pace as yesterday? Wish me luck.

//c_Cae; rainy outside, and I miss my little girl… 


4 responses to “Scattered thoughts

  1. Dearest Caely,

    Still here, still reading, still in love with you, your spirit, heart, smile and lust for life.

    Remember to breathe.



    Kia Ora,


    • Dearest D,

      My endless thanks to you. I have missed your pixels, and I even got worried when I checked out your FF story last week and saw you hadn’t replied.
      Thanks for the reminder.
      Lots of love,

  2. Dear Caely,

    I’m smiling here at your reunion with your sister…would that be “God-sister?” At any rate. True sisters don’t necessarily come from the same loins or womb. ;)

    There will always be fragmented days…experiencing a few myself lately. Sending you my love and shalom,


    • Dearest R,

      Yay, made you smile :)
      Can I call her a god-sister? It sounds a little weird, but I assume it would work.

      Lots and lots of love,

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