Career and family

I never choose whenever I know I can have both. But for the first time ever, I actually have to make a choice. Okay, let’s slow down. It’s not as bad as I’m making it sound like.

Here’s the deal: I got accepted to a course (about fish) that I really want to attend. During this course, there is a field trip to a research station that I fell in love with when I was there 2005/2006. The field trip isn’t long, just 2.5 days. What’s bothering me is that I have to leave my little family for that long. I want to take them with me, but I’m not sure that is possible or even if the Dutchman wants to (we haven’t talked about this yet, I’m still at university). I won’t fail the course if I don’t go, but I’ll have to compensate. I really wanna go, but I also really don’t want to be that far away from my precious family.

Trying to build my career and having a family at the same time just got a little hard. Maybe I need to get out of my comfort zone and see what’s there. Or maybe I need to stay. I don’t know yet. I do know that just leaving for university every day hurts my mommy heart far more than I ever expected. So what’ll 2.5 days gonna do to it?

//c_Cae; has some serious thinking to do…


5 responses to “Career and family

  1. Dearest Caely,

    Look at this as practice for the day when little Zoe heads off to University herself. You make sure your family gets the best from you, but don’t forget to make sure that you get the best from you. That’s the best for your family. Confusing? Of course. The heart is tugged in al directions in life.

    The good news is that whatever you decide, it will be the right choice.

    Good luck.



    • My dear friend,

      Thank you for the reminder. I’ve put myself second for so long, I barely remember what it’s like being myself.
      What would I do without your guidance?

      Lots of love,

  2. I agree with Doug, take the 2.5 days and do something for yourself! It’s easy to lose yourself as a mother, I heard, so take care about your own needs every once in a while, and try to control your bad conscience as much as you can! And missing your family is normal and can be painful, but shouldn’t prevent you from having fun.. In any case, it’s ONLY 2.5 days and then you are reunited and even happier and more grateful to have them in your life! (I feel like this when I have to leave my boyfriend for a few days. Missing him visualizes very clearly how much I love him to be part of my every-day-craziness.. :) ). <3 from Montréal

    • Oh Christine!
      I was surprised you commented here and not on Facebook, haha.
      2.5days away from loved ones feel like an eternity. Thanks to yours and D’s words, I remember that I also have to be myself.
      I love you, and I miss you!

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