I got some planning to do.

And I mean some proper planning. Lately, I’ve just squeezed in plans when- and wherever they’d fit. Today, I need to get a grip and do it properly. That way I feel like I can be a lot more productive and be super duper efficient about my time. I’ve just established a proper sleep cycle (I used to go to bed at 2-3am and wake up at 730am, not healthy at all). Having my days circulate around that would help a lot.

I also started a new course today at the university of Gothenburg. As many of you can figure out, it’s an internet based course about fish. It’s always about the fish for me. Seeing the schedule, I’ll have about one week to finish one module of that course and then take an easy test to pass it. Hopefully, it will be great. Now I just need to fit my thesis in there somewhere. Along with the aquatic ecology course, some planning must be done if I am to make anything work. Working hours will probably have to range between 8am to 16pm, and then 8pm to around 11pm. Anything later than that, I won’t be able to function properly.

So, instead of wasting time here spelling out nonsense, I’ll get to it and have you guys updated soon. Which reminds me that I probably have to send off a few e-mails to let people know I’m very much alive.

This reminded me of how great I can be if I just got a move on!

//c_Cae; getting it back together, slowly but surely. 


2 responses to “I got some planning to do.

  1. Dear Caely,

    Caely in the making is definitely you. I’m impressed by your drive and ambition. Love the saying, having experienced many plot twists in life.

    Love and shalom,


    • Dearest R,

      Thank you once again for your encouraging words. I love them. If I can find the time, I’ll hop on the fictioneers train next week, I’ve missed you guys! Hope you’re doing well.

      Lots of love,

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