Another superlong break

The overestimation of things that happen during this course is exaggerated. Our schedule allows far more breaks than it says, and usually when it says we’re off at 1600, we’re already off before noon. A lot of time to spare, but it also means that it’s harder for me to actually plan things. For instance, I could probably do something with my thesis now if it hadn’t been that I actually have to find a subject for the individual project. I haven’t found something I really want to write about. Well, technically, I have. It’s just that the research field is too small for me to write anything proper out of it. Super hard!

From the looks of things, I might end up writing about bull sharks. But I have my doubts about it. It’ll all work out, this is just another bump on my ride to success. Or plot twist, whatever you prefer to call it ;) Anyway, I better get going on doing my research. If anyone has any suggestions of what I can write for my review paper, all options are welcome, as long as they’re in within the field of aquatic ecology.

Now, back to research. Science is calling!

2 of the best things in the world :)

2 of the best things in the world :)

//c_Cae; I fucking love science. 


4 responses to “Another superlong break

  1. Dear Caely,

    You sound like me after I choose a photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers. Recently I spent two days on a story only to have Doug tell me, “You managed to write 100 words. Probably the crappiest words I’ve ever seen you write.” So I trashed that story and came up with the story that’s posted now in 20 minutes, which made both of us smile. (I cherish such an honest friend more than anything in the world. ;) )
    I’m afraid I’m the last one to suggest a topic for you. My right brain has not much to offer a thesis. But that doesn’t stop my admiration for your passion. Plot twists…gotta love that. Press on, beautiful lady.



    • Dearest R,

      That sounds like a true friend to me! I always try to welcome constructive criticism, and the ones I have gotten from the Fictioneers proved helpful just the other day (writing another post as we speak).
      Don’t let the mind boggling stop you. There must be some things related to water that fascinates you :) I won’t laugh at any suggestions, promise!

      Lots of love,

  2. Dear Caely,

    I suggest you write about ocean acidification and its overall effect upon the global food chain. Microscopic to macroscopic. Find the wrinkles no one else has. I fear that the effect on the oceans will be followed rapidly by corresponding effects on land. We humans usually do not pay attention to the big picture until it hits us over the head several times.
    I love your picture. Coffee and Computers. Sounds like a good name for a commercial establishment should your passion for Marine Biology dry up and blow away. (Not something I think will happen.)
    All my best.



    P.S. Rochelle’s first story really was less than ideal. :)

    • Dearest D,

      That is a great suggestion! Now I only need to narrow it down and make it special, since many of my classmates will be writing about the same thing. I have to stand out, you know?
      Hah! The coffee computer thing, is actually my backup plan, should my marine biology dream fail (it won’t, I need to save oceans ;)).

      I loved that you gave R feedback on her story! Actually, it made me laugh out loud in the cafeteria I was at. Had me forgetting about the cold and snowstorm that passed us.


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