Woot? Another post during the same day?

Haha, yes, this is true. I’m very goofy right now because of my rising levels of tiredness. Our super duper long break lasted until 2pm, and we only had a teeny tiny briefing that lasted only 5 minutes if not less.

I know I haven’t been posting a lot of stories for Friday Fictioneer’s, but the little that I have, proved to be very useful last Friday. We had a small reviewing of articles, and the written report was limited to 700 words. After correcting a draft, I was down to ~680 words. Further correcting and editing of sentences (that really did not make sense or were just very repetitive), summed it all up in about 650 words. Those 650 words said a lot more than our original draft, in my opinion. Never thought writing stories would help me in my scientific route, but I have two (actually, it’s three) very special writers to thank for that.

Oh yeah! I got many compliments today. A classmate thought I was born and raised in Canada/US because of my accent and apparently “great English”. Not really the first time that has happened, but I modestly said thanks. Why is that so hard to just accept that someone complimented me? Oh well, I’m only human.
A friend also pointed out that she admired my sense of critical thinking. That I take nothing seriously, unless I have actually conducted a little research in whatever it might be about. Critical thinking – thank you university studies.

Anyways, I got a few minutes left to spare, so I thought I’d spend them watching something hilarious. Or maybe play that demo of that game I want really bad. Hm…

//c_Cae; I should eat, too…


7 responses to “Woot? Another post during the same day?

  1. Thank you Caely :) I’m glad to see you are making good use of less words :) Good luck in your scientific future!

    • I think the Fictioneers were the best thing to happen to me (still is happening, if only less frequent) as a writer. I actually shiver at my super old posts when I can see my improvements :) i hope 2014 started out well for you!

      • I think the Fictioneers were one of the best things to ever happen to me too, and I’m glad you were part of that experience :)

  2. Dearest Caely,

    I love you.

    Thanks for the shout out re my blog and my being able to help you. i am glad that the discipline required to tell a good story in 100 words has translated into concise editing and content for your ‘science’ world. (It’s all the same world and the lessons cross pollinate everywhere.)

    I have made a commitment to write regularly each night on my third novel and can tell you that part of the reason for that is you and your dedication to the hard work of school and chasing your dream(s). I may write an FF story here and there if the muse strikes, but for the most part I’m laying low and chasing my own dreams.

    I’ll be in the back seat of your bus, reading and laughing and loving along with you as you become Caely. Thanks for letting me ride with you.



    • Dearest friend,

      I love you, too.

      I think your blog needs more attention from younger people, especially people my age. Since I discovered your writing, it has inspired me in more ways than just pulling me into the brilliant world of writing. It just took me to a whole other level. So, by shouting out to it, I hope more of my readers reach you. Believe me when I say your words are magic. My package for you is soon ready (took a while to get all the stuff, but they’ll reach you, I promise).

      As much as I love your FF stories, I believe your dreams are far more important. Besides, I bet there are many people out there waiting for a copy of your book (I’m one of them!).

      Please join me in the front of the bus, I want you closer. I’d love to have you tell your stories with R, as we go along :)
      I’ll drive as long as you guys are with me.

      Lots of love,

  3. Dear Caely,

    Very sweet of you to mention me as one of your three. I’m smiling all over. Thank you.

    After finding Friday Fictioneers and learning to be more concise I was able to effectively write a synopsis for my novel. Amazing. I’d spent the past two years or better being intimidated at the prospect of a synopsis, which is actually more challenging than writing a novel.

    A more experienced author pointed out to me that writing is writing, be it an article, a thesis or fiction.

    I admire anyone who is fluent in more than one language. I can speak a fair amount of Spanish and some Hebrew and have been told that my accents are very good. I only wish my command of both was better. At any rate, you are my hero, dear one.

    I’ll be sitting next to Doug on the bus.

    With much love and



    • Dearest R,

      I think you deserve it. For the little time we have known each other through this interweb, I’ve grown more and more fond of you.
      Writing is magic, it really is. I know that know, especially since you and D so avidly follow my words. And we all just happened to intertwine through FF.

      I used to be more fluent in French and Japanese. Now, my French is super-rusty as I can only understand conversations but not join them, and my Japanese is poor. I guess knowing English and Chinese helps a lot, but knowledge can never be harmful (or so I’d like to believe) and languages open many doors.

      As I told D, please join me in the front and tell me all your stories as I drive. I love your company.


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