Eventful day

Last night, there was an AskMeAnything session with one of the most inspiring people (to me); Louie Psihoyos. He’s the director of the documentary The Cove. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it. This is something that I’m very passionate about. Very, very, very passionate about. I cannot stress that enough.

Anyway, an AskMeAnything is bascially someone famous/interesting doing a Q&A for their fans or anyone interested. His reply meant the world to me, much like anything inspiring that comes from someone I admire (yup, I’m looking at you, too, my avid commenters). It had me jumping around the apartment like a fan girl. I don’t like it, so I kind of toned it down and ended up smiling like a loser (hah, Susan will get this). I was so happy, that I almost jumped around while showering. Not my brightest idea ever, but I managed to remember where I was and saved myself from possible injuries.

So, now I’m waiting for a reply, since I was opted to mail mr Psihoyos. I got one from his assistent, but I still need more info to promote whatever it is I’m plotting (it’s a little of a secret now, but if you check out the session, you just might find out).

Today, I basically spent the whole day in the lab. We had some analysese to do. By that, I meant counting algae cells and determining their size. We got half way by the end of the day, and I just summed up all our data and cleaned it up, i.e. made it prettier to look at.

Yup, almost an entire day was spent doing this.

Yup, almost an entire day was spent doing this.

Well, lab hours was exactly what I wanted, and I think our quickest time for managing a whole sample was 4 minutes. During that time, we managed to find 25 proper cells for data collection. Don’t ever underestimate the speed of an alge. They are fast. Like Usain Bolt fast, but for algae. One should be reminded that they are only a few micrometers long…

I’m gonna go on a date with my bed. G’nite critters :)

//c_Cae; super weird still wanting to work, even at this hour. 


One response to “Eventful day

  1. Dear Caely,

    If there were a Q&A where I could actually communicate with Diana Nyad I’d be jumping up and down like a fan girl. ;) I sent her a facebook message and never did hear back. I’m kind of disappointed still.

    It’s good to see you pursuing your passion. As for algae, I never would’ve thought of it as having speed of any kind. So you’ve taught me something.

    I guess while I don’t look at the sea from a marine biologist’s point of view, I do look at it as an avid swimmer, hoping to one day become scuba certified. So I guess we have more in common than I thought. ;) I stand to learn from you.



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