Get set, ready, read!

So our individual report writing of the course has finally started. I’ve looked forward to this. My subject ended up being about the ecological importance of seawater to freshwater (and vice versa) transition of bull sharks (sorry D, that it didn’t land on the ocean acidification!). Yesterday and today were spent looking for a lot of relevant articles to read (and later review). Last night, I think I found over 23 articles to my five relevant sources. Today, I found another 10. I have yet to read them, and my original plan for tonight was to actually start reading and maybe start writing, too.

But that plan was laid to waste, since Zoe didn’t feel well tonight either. She just fell asleep, poor little thing. I don’t know why, but she seems to be suffering from some kind of stomach ache. The Dutchman and I have tried everything in our powers to mend it, and now she finally fell asleep, probably from exhaustion. We’ll see how the night plays out. That’ll determine whether or not she’ll spend her Friday at home or at daycare. She’ll probably sleep well, she’s a sleepyhead, just like her mom.

So, now I’m here, equipped with my various highlighters and pens to do my science-y stuff late at night. I want to sleep, I felt how much the bed had missed me today when I tried to get Zoe to sleep. But the bed must wait, science is calling me!

This is what I'm working with tonight. In that pile of paper, is only 10 articles. I still have many to go...

This is what I’m working with tonight. In that pile of paper, is only 10 articles. I still have many to go…

Even though, at times, it feels hard to even get started, I keep in mind that to be a good writer, one has to read a lot. So this is only a step on the way.

//c_Cae; do not disturb, reading~


6 responses to “Get set, ready, read!

  1. Great post, so true what you said about in order to write a lot you have to read a lot.

  2. Dearest Caely,

    You might want to investigate a gluten free diet for Zoe. I’ll keep cogitating on that one and ask around. Lots of babies in my extended family, including Alexandria Leigh MacIlroy, born to my son Scott and his wife, Tamara on November 30th of last year. I get to meet her and hold her for the first time in seven days. I’m going to cry like a baby.

    You’ve a good memory re ocean acidification. If things keep up it will dissolve everything.

    Read, study, love, laugh. You are the kind of person this world needs more of.



    • Dear D,

      I did have that investigated when Zoe was just a few months old. She had tummy aches back then, too, and I had them check her for gluten/lactose intolerance.
      Congratulations! They sure picked a great name for a little girl (though I think about the great library in Alexandria, Egypt). And it makes me smile wider when she shares the same birthday as Zoe. How’s grandpa-hood? ;)

      I know about the ocean acidification, it worries me greatly. But I feel my knowledge isn’t enough, thus I will have to read up more on it before I tackle it as a project. Surely, I will update you on things :)


  3. Dear Caely,

    The hardest part of dealing with sick baby is that she can’t tell you where it hurts and to what degree. My third son suffered (and so did I) with colic for the first six months of his life. It turned out to be lactose intolerance). I agree with Doug about trying a gluten free diet. Also there are tests now for food sensitivities that are more conclusive than years ago. If her tummy problems continue you might want to consider it. I speak with the voice of personal experience. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    I’ll echo Doug…Read, study, love, laugh. You are the kind of person this world needs more of. (Maybe because I couldn’t come up with anything more original ;) ) Truth is truth. You’re a lovely person, Caely.



    • Dear R,

      I know! And when she can’t tell me what’s wrong, my mommy heart just breaks. We’re lucky to have escaped the colic thing. I was really scared at first that Zoe might get it, but so far so good.
      As I told D, I’ve already had her checked on that and her doctor could easily falsify my suspicions of gluten/lactose intolerance.

      Love you lots,

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