Reality check

So, I just spoke to my study counsellor, and she told me I’m not far from graduating. It felt super-weird. I know I’ve been doing my Bachelor’s and Master’s parallel to each other ever since I started for real in 2010, but never ever did it hit me that I’d eventually reach that goal. I’ve gotten really costumed to the student life, and now when I was told I’m almost done with my studies, it hits me like a snowball to the face. I’m not scared, I’m just “I-have-no-idea-how-close-I-am-to-my-goal-but-here-I-am-watching-the-finish-line-getting-freakishly-closer”. Is there a word for that? If there is, I want to use it now.

Looking back, I’ve been studying, pushing my limits all the time, working, and have maintained a somewhat steady mental health during four years. Through dips and tops, I’ve kept telling myself that I’ll save the world and leave a legacy comparable to that of Jacques Cousteau. I’ve already inspired numerous people in my surroundings, and I love it. I absolutely love to inspire, even though I’m not entirely at the top of my game right now (of understandable reasons).

I grew to love inspiration when I watched Steve Jobs do one of his key note speeches. That triggered something in me. I know it sounds mainstream to have a man like Jobs pull that trigger in me. But it helped me to watch him talk with such confidence. And truth be told, I was amazed by how many brilliant speakers (like professor Simon Peyton Jones, ignore the usage of Comic Sans in his slides, apparently it’s his trademark…) didn’t use any aids other than their powerpoint presentations. So, much like them, I aspired to do all my presentations without any physical notes. I’ve even started to write scripts for all presentations that I do, learn them by heart and then I’m ready to go.

Okay, I lost my train of thought now so I might as well get back to writing my report.

//c_Cae; when reality intrudes…


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