What I meant to say

I kind of lost my train of thought in my last post. I just read it again, and remembered what I wanted to say after that little paragraph about inspiration.

I never felt very close to my mom before (before as in before Zoe was born). Then, when Zoe came, everything just kind of turned around. I remember when I told my mom, the Dutchman and I was gonna keep the name a secret until kiddo actually arrived. Somehow, we slipped into charity and how important it is to help other people. Somewhere, my mom said the wisest thing I’ve ever heard her say.

“Don’t ever expect that the particular person you just helped will be the one to return the favor. Most likely, someone else, that you’ll probably need more than the person you just helped, will help you in a way you’d never expected them to.”

That’s probably the most powerful message my mom has ever delivered to me. Ever since she said that, I’ve kept my eyes wide open for people that I can help, and for people that can help me. Not in a beneficial way, but more in a way of personal growth. I’m a firm believer when it comes down to life being a huge lesson, filled with things you can learn. I usually keep telling myself (especially when it’s hard to study), that no knowledge in this world is dangerous. The more you know, the more is it useful for you in life. Anyway, I should shower before it gets too late for my hair to dry.

//c_Cae; hm, where’s my ice cream?


2 responses to “What I meant to say

  1. ” I should shower before it gets too late for my hair to dry” Glad it’s not just me! :P

    • I know right? The thing with thick hair is both a blessing and a curse haha. First world problems, much? :P

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