Something to remember before a presentation

Tomorrow, I’ll present my individual report that we were assigned to write not too long ago. This course is coming to an end, and I must admit I have learned a lot in writing and presentation technique. But while I took all these pieces of information in, I’ve completely forgotten to be comfortable when I present. That has resulted in me forgetting things, gotten super nervous, and said a lot of “um…” during presentations. Then, like a reminder popped up my Facebook feed.

I had completely forgotten what I felt like during the marine ecology course, at least when I have to present things. I remember the lectures we had to hold during that course. I rocked every single one, and I loved it. I want that feeling back, and that quote is getting me back on track. Not fast enough though, but better slow and steady, than fast and rocky, yeah?

//c_Cae; must finish writing script


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