Totally hooked

Not long ago, I introduced movies for Zoe. With movies, I mean the whole thing, not just youtube-clips of any given movie. Without ever occurring to me that it might become an addiction, I showed her one of my favorite movies Finding Nemo. My thoughts behind it were that it might be interesting for her to see colorful fish swimming around. Little did I know that she’d be literally hooked on it. Now, she wants to see it everyday. During the weekends, it’s the first thing she wants to see. During weekdays, it’s the first thing she wants to see after coming home from daycare. Sometimes, she watches the whole movie three times a day. I never exclude the shark scenes intentionally because of educational purposes. Instead, I let her choose whether or not she wants to watch it. Sometimes she does, and clings on to my arm, and sometimes she just walks away until it’s all over.

Finding Nemo is, as mentioned, one of my favorite movies of all time. Mostly because it’s a great blend of education and amount of fish content. I am, however, fully aware that watching the same movie three times a day makes anyone sick of it. Thing is, I am not. It’s gotten to the point where I can quote most scenes (and I could quote it before), but I am still not sick of it. Not once have I even told Zoe that she already watched it to make her watch something else. I’ve tried something else. I’ve had 101 Dalmatians played for her since she likes dogs so much, but whenever we’re just 10-15min into it, she wants it switched out for Nemo.

My dear readers, you all know I am a fish-freak, but I am truly not trying to “convert” my daughter into anything, she just likes the movie that much. I didn’t know that there could be a greater Finding Nemo freak than I but here I am, with one.

Put this on, and she’ll be like this….

She'll just sit there. Staring.

She’ll just sit there. Staring.

Sometimes, she even wants the storyline explained to her. We play it in English, and she’s not nearly as exposed to English than she is to Swedish/Chinese. So occasionally, she wants one of us to explain the storyline to her. I think, since it’s a father looking for his son, maybe that’s why she’s so obedient to her father now, haha. Maybe.

//c_Cae; now we’re two fish freaks!


2 responses to “Totally hooked

  1. Hahahah you know it! =D We had the oh so ever lasting Cars playing freakkin 24/7 at our place.. i can assure you (its a damn good movie) that you will get fucked in your head after a while.. you become this character in the movie as soon as the sounds start pumpin’ from the speakers, you line up and starts a race within your head, rushing with adrea.. oh… i got carried away again.. haha still something that is quite traumatic you see! =P

    • Haha well, this hasn’t been going on for long enough to traumatize me just yet. At the moment, I don’t even see it as a possibility ;)

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