Vacation for three, please.

Airhead me, have forgotten to tell you guys something fun. For the first time, our little family is going solo vacation! I’m using ‘solo’ because all the other times we’ve been off somewhere, it’s with friends or heading to friends. This time, it’s just the three of us. Well, kind of.

The internet-based fish course I am taking include a three day excursion to the Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences, the “main” reason why I applied to it in the first place. I’ve been there before, but that was 9 years ago. I loved it there, and the memories from then are still vivid. I still remember the feral cat we cuddled with, who I shared bunk beds with, how we sun bathed while studying, and how I got to touch my first lamprey and hagfish. It was also here that I, for the first time, felt the joy of releasing caught animals.

Anyway, at first I freaked out about this field trip because I really didn’t know how or what I’d feel about leaving kiddo at home. So, the solution was simple – bring them with me. And so I did. This sounds weird, but right now, I feel like I want to share all those places that I saw those years ago. I want to show them the place that still makes me all warm and fuzzy.

So, in a little bit more than three weeks from now, we’ll take a drive to the fjords of Gothenburg and arrive at Kristineberg. Hopefully the drive there won’t be horrible. Zoe is not yet a fan of cars, at least not riding them. Well, we’ll see.

I see they retouched the buildings over the years, but I bet the interior hasn’t changed much (picture from their website).

//c_Cae; I should read up on some more fish…


2 responses to “Vacation for three, please.

  1. Dear Caely,

    Looks like the best of work and pleasure. You should be in the zone at both ends. Have fun.



    • Dear D,

      it probably is! Will try to take as many photos as possible, so I can share it with you :)


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