Lab work and a sick toddler

I set my fly population up today, and it felt great. I couldn’t work as fast as I wanted to, but at least I remembered the fundamentals in the lab work. I couldn’t feel more at peace than I could when one of my supervisors started playing Led Zeppelin. That was probably the highlight of the lab work. I finished earlier than expected, so I spent lunch and the early afternoon at uni, trying to put my project plan together. I’m happy it’s finished now, and it’s even sent in although the deadline is tomorrow. Now I have one whole day of doing nothing. I could either focus on the statistics course, or fish course. Or finish up on a report I want to write. Or I could even start writing on my thesis report. And this is where I am gonna stop myself from thinking of what I can do during my free time.

Kiddo is sick. She probably caught some kind of stomach bug, because she has barely eaten since Thursday. Poor little one. She’s getting better now, she started eating today so hopefully she’ll be well enough for a visit to the library tomorrow. I feel bad that I can’t join the lab group’s meeting tomorrow, but Zoe needs me so I guess I have to take half a day off until the Dutchman gets home so I can follow up on the fly work tomorrow afternoon. After all, he did stay home from work today so I could start my work.

I really hope Zoe is well enough for a visit to the library tomorrow. She loved it there last week. I don’t know if the Dutchman read a lot when he was younger, but I literally ate books. I know, that until university, I read every book cover to cover. I couldn’t stop until I finished it. And if Zoe is anything like me (let’s hope she is, haha), she’ll be the same, if she isn’t already.

Yeah, I know that feel.

//c_Cae; oh yeah, this is my 777th post :) 


3 responses to “Lab work and a sick toddler

  1. Dear Caely,

    Libraries of the world, watch out! Caely and Zoe are on the loose. It’s going to be a wild ride into the future for you guys, but you’re just what the world needs. Don’t forget it.

    Love you,



    • My dearest friend,

      I can never thank you enough, can I?
      I love you and your words.


  2. Dear Caely,

    Sounds like Zoe’s already on the mend. Little ones get sick and recover so fast. I’m betting she’s already inherited her mother’s love of books. The fun of a child like that is rediscovering reading through her eyes. When Shannon was 7 or 8 we read The Chronicles of Narnia together. Great fun! Another great one is Bunnicula. It makes me smile to remember the journey with him and that I get to watch you embark on a similar path.



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