Woho, new bed!

The Dutchman and I ordered a new bed last night. Finally, we’ll get rid of our squeaky old one! It’s really old by now, I think the Dutchman had it before we even met. Since Zoe is still sleeping in the same room as we do, we get pretty nervous the nights she seems to be sleeping lighter than usual. Because if its squeakiness, I’ve always been nervous of waking kiddo when she sleeps. She never has woken up by it, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t wake her.

I got really happy that the Dutchman actually had paid attention to beds. Usually, I’m the one looking out for things we need in our home. But when we finally had put the order in, I was basically bouncing around in joy, like a pinball. Yup, that’s joy.

And this is what it looks like. Can’t wait until it gets here!

Also, I’m working on a review for Frozen. The songs are stuck in my head, and the reviewer in me is basically telling me to let her out. I might as well let her out, I mean I actually have time for that now. I’m still trying to grasp that I have time to do things. I like it, but at the same time I really don’t wanna let it making me lazy. As easy it is to make me super productive, it’s equally as easy to make me lazy. Based on that, I always try to keep busy, because doing nothing literally ticks me off.

//c_Cae; oh bed, where art thou? 


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