Lab work

Ah, sweet lab. I barely recognised it when I first entered. I guess the cleaning had a great effect on it. It’s gotten a lot more spacier, and user-friendly. I went in early to do some work, and ended up doing other things instead of things for my project during the first part of the day. After lunch, I got to do my first experiments. Felt good! Now I have some numbers to analyze. I thought maybe I’ll try to them myself before asking for help. Maybe I can do it, maybe not. Either way, I will learn, so I win ;)

I didn’t take any pictures today, we’ve been pretty busy at the lab and now when I’m outside of it, I feel like I can smell that fly food everywhere. I haven’t even done this for a month and I’ve gotten phantom-smells already. Oh well, back to it tomorrow. Although my own population of flies aren’t ready for any work until Wednesday, I’ll come in to the lab to help some other people out. Feels good to contribute to someone else’s science, and I also learn to handle my flies faster by doing it all the time (with other populations available in the lab). Now I need to plan out the writing part. I might as well start now so it won’t be as stressful at the end. But before that, I’m gonna watch this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. A nice change, since whenever I look at our TV, it’s either Frozen or Finding Nemo on.


//c_Cae; valar morghulis! 


2 responses to “Lab work

  1. Dearest Caely,

    I can feel your energy and joy when you are in the lab and working. I remember working with fruit flies long, long ago in Biology class. I wonder if any of mine are the ancestors of yours.

    I thought of something the other day and that is that Game of Thrones sounds a lot like Game of Throwing which is what I love to do. Coincidence? I think not.

    Love you,



    • My dear friend,

      I’m glad I can contribute with some feelings at least :) I bet my flies are descendants of those you worked with long ago. I don’t believe in coincidences, so it must be something else behind the similarities, right?

      Love you, too.


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