Today, I woke up to the following mail from the faculty’s administrative office:

“Dear Caely,
I am happy to confirm your presence at the graduation ceremony June 8th. Further information will be sent to you some time after April 30th.” 

After reading this, I was rolling around in our huge and comfy bed (yup, that’s right, it’s huge and comfy!) in joy. I think I kind of lost it after that, because for the rest of the day I couldn’t think straight. I tried to do some simple math for the flies, and it took me ages to get it right. Then, I got a few mails from my supervisors that I read over and over again, before finally getting the message. It’s not like I’m lacking sleep, I did sleep 12 hours straight last night. Even my dad pointed out that I looked well-rested today. I listen closely to my parents when they tell me something about my health. Sometimes they’re so good at it, they’d catch something wrong with me before I myself notice it. Either they’re good, or it’s just written on my forehead (I’m gonna believe that they’re just good at it). But I do think I am mentally exhausted. It’s been a lot on my mental plate lately, a lot more than I can write about here. Let’s say people confide in me, that’s all.

It’s not that I don’t like listening, sometimes listening to someone is all I can do for them at that moment – so I listen. And I have become picky as to who I choose to listen to.

Anyway, I think I just need to relax. I’ve finally started catching up to The Mentalist. Oh my, have I forgotten the Aussie gorgeousness that is Simon Baker. Turns out, me watching that show does a great deal of healing for my mind. Since there’s a lot of mind games and puzzles in it, I automatically try to analyze everything in each episode. Because it is not something directly related to my studies, I see it as a hobby-thing, kind of like my writing here.

Pretty cast, and a pretty ride too.

So, instead of just grinding through the many articles I have to read for my thesis tonight, I will just finish up on an exam and then continue to watch that show. That show is what Matlock was to me when I was younger. Brilliant!

//c_Cae; just gotta finish an assignment before I start watching another episode


4 responses to “Confirmed

  1. Dearest Caely,

    And be sure to let the flies do their own math once in a while. You’ll stunt their brains otherwise. Congratulations. Nice Citroen. I didn’t know anyone knew about those cars. My uncle used to drive one for the longest time (as well as the President of France a long time ago.



    • Dear D,

      They did! I must exercise them more, getting sloppy those little things ;)
      Thanks! I think old cars should be noticed, too. They’re history, and history is important. We have to know where we come from to know where we’re going, right?


  2. Dear Caely,

    First I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of sleeping twelve hours straight. At the most I might get seven, but that’s rare.

    Again, I think this is a great milestone. I’m pleased and honored to watch your progress. You’re an amazing lady.



    • Dear R,

      I can sleep for 20 hours if I wanted to, but I choose not to. I’ve always known I’m a sleepy-head, and I’m thankful my daughter is the same.

      Please keep riding the bus with me.


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