More writing

Handing in the exam felt great, now the waiting part begins. I hate waiting.

Today, I received information about how the thesis report should be structured. It was a ridiculous amount of information that was completely unnecessary for me. I’ve already been to four seminars/lectures about how to write a scientific report the past semester (attempt to make reference to my previous post). What I found ridiculous was that we had to write different styles of the same part of the report. For instance, we need an abstract and an author’s summary, a discussion as well as a conclusion part. In my head, that is spelled weird. Basically, they are the same thing, it just uses a different kind of language/type of writing.

What’s more is that we are to present in Swedish. Super-awkward. Now, I have to translate my report, then write a script of it in Swedish. I haven’t presented in Swedish since my second year. Again, awkward. It has to be done, though, so I guess I’ll suck up and do it. Just that I will feel exactly like this:

And for you, who don’t get the reference. I’ll feel like Chris Tucker, and my audience will be Jackie Chan.

//c_Cae; I’ll do fine, though :)


2 responses to “More writing

  1. Dear Caely,

    I can’t imagine doing what you’re doing and in Swedish besides. Perhaps there will be a time down the road when you’ll find this experience invaluable for something else.

    I once had to write a book proposal for an agent (the first one who turned me down). It was foreign territory for me and some other writer friends thought it strange saying that book proposals were usually required for non-fiction not novels. At any rate I learned a lot in the process.

    I suspect you’ll learn more from this task than you realize. Ah enough of my “words of wisdom.”

    You have a room in my heart, dear lady. You’re an amazing woman.



    PS I love the Rush Hour movies. ;)

    • Dear R,

      I can enver get enough of your words, especially your wisdom ones :)

      I can’t imagine how scary that must have felt to write such a thing. Maybe one day we can discuss this over coffee/tea :) I can introduce you to the Swedish “fika”. It’s an interesting social phenomenon apparently.

      I used to watch Rush Hour with my dad. Not so much anymore, we hang out in a different way now when Zoe is around :)

      Lots of love,

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