Did someone say multi-tasking workoholic?

I started reviewing the articles I’ve read so far. They’re articles I think will help with my thesis report, and for now I only have 20 or so. Today, I’ve written and worked so much, I forgot lunch. I almost forgot about time to the extent where my mom had to remind me to go pick Zoe up from daycare. I spent my day at the city library, hoping that being surrounded by books would help me work better. Working from home is fine, but it bothers me that our bathroom is a total mess and it tingles my senses to clean it. I figured that being away from home would keep me in my work-mode for longer and I wouldn’t be as distracted.

And it worked, obviously. For an unknown amount of time, I was so into the writing, I got startled realizing someone was sitting next to me when I was getting ready to leave my seat. I even forgot to drink my coffee. So, tomorrow, I will do the same thing, only that I will do it at the university library instead. We have to make food for the flies, and I have to get in anyway.

This is about one third of my screen.

This is about one third of my screen.

I work like this all the time. Rarely do I have just one window on my screen that I focus on. Not even my browser has one tab, it always has at least five (a number that increases while I work). I have no idea when I started doing this, having multiple windows open all the time. I’ve had it going for so long, I even forgot what my desktop background looks like until a classmate said: “Oooh, nice Aston Martin there. Your dream car?”, to which I responded: “What background? Oh, that one, yeah, it’s an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. One is gonna stand in my garage one day.”

Me? Workoholic? I have no idea what you’re talking about. In case you didn’t know of it, here it is.

One day, it’s me and this beauty on the road. 

//c_Cae; back to work….



4 responses to “Did someone say multi-tasking workoholic?

  1. Dearest Caely,

    It’s going to be an electric one soon. Rock the multiple windows but don’t you dare forget Zoe, silly.



    • Dear D,

      Really? You’re not just saying that, right?
      I almost did! But I treated her on a fresh fruit smoothie once I had picked her up (only to soothe my own conscience, though). I’ll remember her, how silly I may become :)


  2. Dear Caely,

    I’ve been known to forget silly little details like eating when in the midst of researching and writing. However it’s not a good idea to do on a regular basis.

    You’re amazing and I want a ride in that car.

    You? Workaholic? Ha! Just a little.



    • Dear R,

      Haha, seems like we’re on the same page there :)
      When I get it, I’ll invite you over (or ship the car to you), and we’ll take her on a spin!

      You know, it takes a workoholic to recognize another!


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