Hard working or hardly working?

I helped a fellow course mate with her experiments today. Something that we all thought would be completed in one day, proved to be the complete opposite. I think I managed to do 110+ vials during 4 hours of work, and we still have half of the replicates left to analyze. I was asked to do this two weeks ago, and when I agreed, I thought my flies wouldn’t die on me and that I’d have time to write my report. But unfortunate things happen, and the flies did die (not all of them, but enough of them to reduce the sample size to less than half). By doing my best, I managed to keep up the report writing up, but I realized earlier today that I had completely forgotten about my list of 30+ references that might be helpful for the report. And so I have to work with them today, and I’d like them all to be read and reviewed by tomorrow.

By the end of analyzing the vials that don’t even have anything to do with my experiments (apart from the common factor that it involves flies), I almost fell asleep by the microscope. First, I thought my focus on the microscope was totally off, but then I caught myself slipping into sleepyland. So, I cheated and bought a chocolate bar to raise my blood sugar. It kept me working for another three hours. But now, I have to focus on my writing. I feel like the report is a piece of junk right now, but by the end of the week (by latest on Saturday), it’ll be a piece of art. Or at least a first draft of a piece of art, haha.

Apart from all that writing, my best friend (that moved to Japan a few years back) is coming for a visit! It made my crappy morning a lot better. My buses didn’t show this morning, and it started to rain cats and dogs (when I say this, think Asian monsoon rain). Without umbrella and wearing Converse, reading that he was coming back just made my whole situation a million times better, and that happiness is what keeps me going now. So now, I really have to finish the first draft of my report at latest Saturday, so I can have time set aside for him. Yay!

This is how I feel right now, completely non-scientific haha :) I’ll get there though!

//c_Cae; raining cats and dogs outside, and I feel a thunderstorm coming – perfect writing weather!


2 responses to “Hard working or hardly working?

  1. Dear Caely,

    Sounds like you’re in for some much needed fun. Be careful with all the raining cats and dogs not to step in a poodle. ;)
    Raining and storms here today, too. Sending good thoughts your way on the report but my guess is that you’ll blow it out of the water. With your passion and knowledge how could you not?

    Shalom and much love,


    • Dear R,

      I am! I love my life, some days more than others, and today is one of those “more” days.
      Love the wordplay! As expected from an author like yourself ;)

      My writing groove is still on, hopefully it will last all week now. Will keep you posted.

      Lots of love and laughter,

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