Stupid foot

When I was out running three weeks ago, something weird happened. I don’t recall what exactly, but ever since then my left foot has been acting weirdly. I might have sprained it, but it doesn’t really feel like a sprain. Sometimes, it hurts all the way to my knee from my ankle. I should look it up, because I want to know what is wrong and what I can do about it.

I really want to run. I want to get in shape so that I can join the 10km run around the main parts of the city next year. I was thinking maybe I could make it a charity run or something. It’s still just an idea, but I’m pretty determined to at least get in well enough shape to pull such a run off. I hate just sitting around. But maybe I should do that tonight.

I’ve spent most my day at the library again, and this time I spent 5.5 hours with effective writing. The report is getting some kind of shape now, although it’s barely 1800 words and in five pages. I know, quality before quantity, and I still have the discussion to write about. What I should do is to rest my brain, since it feels rather heavy (I think about the project 24/7), but what I want to do is to write. I’ll end up contemplating what I should do, and go to bed anyway so I guess I already decided to let my little brain rest.

Tomorrow will be exciting. There’s a carnival in Lund, and I’m meeting up the Dutchman and Zoe there after I’ve gone to the Friday seminar and checked things off the list with my supervisor. Just mentioning university has my head running full speed about the project.

Also, I realized that this is my very last summer vacation as a student. Next year will be spent on a Master’s thesis, so after I’ve finished this project, I will have to propose ideas to potential supervisors. I really hope to work with fish this time, haha. At first I thought I had at least two more semesters to go before I could do my MSc, but it turned out (because of an error the students councillor made, long story) that I can finish next year. If she hadn’t made such a mistake of telling me to do something I don’t need to do, I should’ve been doing a MSc now. I was really pissed off, but I figured that that energy would be better invested in my current project. Also, I get to work with brilliant people.

Drosophila melanogaster (male)

//c_Cae; I miss the lab already :( 


4 responses to “Stupid foot

  1. Dear Cae,

    And those brilliant people will have the honor of working with brilliant you. You’re on an amazing journey.

    It seems we are “sisters a-foot.” A couple of weeks ago I had a toe-on collision with the edge of my kitchen floor and broke my left big toe. It really doesn’t hurt that bad but I have the pleasure of making fashion statement with one of those open toed sandals.

    I’d be careful of the running though were I you. You don’t want to do permanent damage. There, the mom part of me has spoken.

    I used to run 10K’s. I realized when wheelchair racers were passing me that perhaps this really wasn’t my sport.

    Meanwhile, I’m having fun watching your progress.

    Shalom, love and laughter,


    • Dear R,

      sometimes, I’m really not sure if I am brilliant :P but I guess the most brilliant minds also have their doubts.

      Ouch! I absolutely hate it when my foot just decides to kiss a furniture real hard (I also dislike those open-toe shoes!).

      Sweet of you to speak as a mom! I could need that sometimes, haha.

      I only used to run 800m races, but could never finish top 10. Somehow, I always ran in as number 14… I should take a closer look at my foot, I really miss running.

      Lots of love and laughter,

  2. Dear Caely,

    Part of me smiles and thinks about the aches and pains that each year adds to our totals, but then the kid in me say, kick its ass and send it on its way.

    Nice fly.



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