I should be writing my conclusions now for my report, but all I can think of is Paris. I saw the movie One Day last night, and it had me crying! My god, movies do not make me cry. I repeat, movies do not make me cry. But this one did, and I kind of hate that fact.

It made me think of all the romantic gestures that I miss. And when I get like that, I think of Paris. Stupid brain, making me miss my favorite city that I have ever visited (Singapore is a close second though!). I need to get my pictures that I took in Paris from my mom. She keeps them in an album for me, and I need to have it here in my own home. I want to show you guys, so I’ll guess I’ll know what to do tomorrow once the first draft of the report is done. Also, is anyone up for an editorial read of my report? To correct my lousy grammar and so… It’d be very helpful if anyone of you could :)

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.58.09 pm

No, I’m not busy. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

//c_Cae; working under pressure is when I work at best!


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