Final version – done!

I left my report for a few days. Whenever I have something I need to hand in, I make sure it is finished a few days early so the script can just lay around, and my mind gets a chance to reset itself. When the deadline closes in, I open it up again to check it out and see what is good and what need to be changed. That way, I can still understand what I have written, but still be objective in correcting it. Well, as objective one can be about your own work.

So for my Bachelor’s thesis report, I did the same. I finished touching it up last week and I’ve spent this whole week playing Final Fantasy X. It serves me well to put the thesis work aside and relax, and that’s something that proved itself today when I finally corrected the report and got the final version done one whole day before deadline. Now, I just await further instructions before the presentation. For that I need to translate my report and write a script in Swedish and make a powerpoint presentation. I think 10 slides will do, after all, I am only given 15 minutes to present and 5 to defend. It’s going to be interesting, I just hope that I won’t give it too much thought while listening to others present. I present second to last. I hate that. I want to present first so I can’t compare my slides and presentation to others. But I do look forward to whatever questions people have after I’ve presented. In that sense, I hope Thursday arrives soon!

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 7.09.09 pm

I feel proud of this!

//c_Cae; over and out!



2 responses to “Final version – done!

  1. Dear Caely,

    You’re wise to let things percolate a bit before calling them finished. I do that with my writing as well. I can see something as complete and come back to it day later and say, “What was I thinking?”

    I hope Thursday is everything you want it to be. Your star is rising. ;)



    • Dear R,

      I feel like I have to, if I don’t, I’d just get tunnel vision from all the work and get exhausted. I also get that piece of advice all the time for supervisors whenever I ask for advice. It has never gone bad whenever I decide to let them be for a while before looking back.

      I actually compared my BSc report to one of the first reports I ever had to write and all I could think of was “Why on Earth would I want to do it this way?”. It just shows how much I’ve grown, and it makes me happy that I have :)


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