The things I planned on doing

After this week, the Dutchman is on a four week vacation. We’ve planned absolutely nothing for it other than to spend time together. During this time, Zoe will also be home from daycare, so the whole family is home :)

And so it came to my attention the day before yesterday that I only have this week for myself. At first I wanted to finish Final Fantasy X and move on to the sequel, and then I wanted to catch up to all my series. Then I realized Zoe’s clothes need to be sorted out, and so does mine. The apartment needs cleaning, and it’s best to do all those things when Zoe is not around. I also need new shoes. And clothes. Basically, I have a few (read 10+) things to take care of in three days. I have no idea how to do this so I figured that I might as well take what’s most urgent, deal with that, and then whatever happens happens. Even if it means that I don’t get to spend time by myself (I think I need that), it’s alright. When the Dutchman goes back to work, and Zoe goes back to daycare (7 weeks from now), I’ll deal with it then. Now I’m off to make the Dutchman dinner before we catch up with the Game of Thrones. Time sure flies, it has already been 10 episodes, and now we have to wait another year for a new season. Hopefully Mr. Martin will finish the series so we’ll get closure because I’m catching up with the books.

And it improves your language!

Also, enjoy this:

//c_Cae; too bad I had it all spoiled for me a while back :(


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