Slowest fly collection ever.

It’s so hard to keep myself occupied when all I do right now is to wait for the flies to hatch. We’re doing one last run of the experiments I did for my BSc, and I am bored out of my mind from waiting. I have my computer with me but I can’t stream anything because the connection in here is horrible. The only way I can get online is to tether from my phone. I can’t stream through that either because of my limited data usage I have on my phone contract. Bleh.

I waited three hours for the flies to hatch and I only got 16 of them. I need 240 flies… I’ll simply see what I can do to get the sample size big enough, but I don’t have high hopes though. If I am lucky, I can get 20 vials with flies (2 flies in each vial).

The institution is empty. It’s midsummer, and here in Sweden that’s a big deal. It’s a national holiday, kind of like Thanksgiving in the US. Only replace the stuffed turkey with different kinds of pickled herring (yes, it’s a thing and it smells awful), the jams with early potatoes and the gravy with sour cream and chives. So, the halls here are eerily empty. Just little me, running up and down the stairs with my flies. So I guess I will just put on some music and hope no one hears me when I sing, haha :)

//c_Cae; live from the lab!


2 responses to “Slowest fly collection ever.

  1. Dear Caely,

    Midsummer sounds like fun. Personally I love pickled herring. Are you a fan of gravlax. Also another food I love. It’s much the same as lox that’s a Jewish form of salmon. The best I’ve had was in Israel. A friend gave me a recipe for Swedish gravlax and I make at least two batches a month, then savor it by myself.

    I had to laugh at the image of you running down the hall singing to flies.



    • Dear R,

      Midsummer is a lot of fun, almost like a second Christmas. I love gravlax! Best served with either baby potatoes or eggs with mayo :) if you ever visit, I’ll drive you to the best places for gravlax, and that’s a promise!

      I bet I looked ridiculous but hey, at least I had fun :)


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