Panna cotta and that thing about offside

Made panna cotta today. I’ve been having a great craving for it and today I finally got the ingredients I wanted for it. I keep it simple for now, and usually only make a traditional vanilla panna cotta, topping it with either orange/chocolate glaze or fresh berries (faves are strawberries, blackberries and raspberries). Today, I just went with strawberries and chocolate sauce. Can’t wait to dig in, but figured I’d toss in a post here first.


Om nom nom.

Really, the word “foodie” doesn’t cover how much I love food, and panna cotta is no exception.

Oh well, as I write the Cameroon – Brazil game is on tv. Pretty exciting, only I have no clue what’s going on whenever someone says “offside”. At every cup, I need to have that reminded before I can get the hang of it, but before I can even catch one before the Dutchman does, the tournament is over and I have forgotten all about it until the next. I don’t particularly cheer for any team, I just want people to play the sport they claim to love so much. Just a few more weeks of the world cup left, and then I’m completely off the soccer grid again haha.

My panna cotta is calling me, so I’m just gonna go dig in. Write you all later.

//c_Cae; totally bribable with food


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