Once again, I was surprised by my mail. Last time, it was coffee from a little bro, and this time, it was from the Dutchman.

I was just casually sitting at home, catching up to my series (as I promised I’d do before the end of summer, but ended up piling them up so much my computer is now full). I heard the mail pop in but chose to ignore it until I had to pass the front door before picking it up. At the same time, I was texting the Dutchman, when he very conveniently asked me if the mail had arrived yet. He then prompted me to go get it and check if anything had arrived from Webhallen (a games/computer store downtown). Very well, I thought, might as well check that out for him. I thought that maybe he had ordered a game he wanted, but I couldn’t think of any games that he had mentioned lately.

2014-08-27 21

The package in question.

So I tell the Dutchman that there was a package, and since it was in his name, I’d put it on his desk. Then he asks me to open it, and in my head I’m thinking; why? it’s yours. Unless…

So after a little pursuing, I decided to open it and tada~

2014-08-27 21.17.10I had mentioned a few days ago that I really wanted this game. I’m really lucky to have someone to actually listen to me :) Just wanted to share my joy of this :) Now, I’ll return to watching Orange is the new black and half-staring at my phone, waiting for Eileen to text me. Dorky, huh?

//c_Cae; a glass of cider would do fine at the moment. 



2 responses to “Surprise!

  1. Dear Caely,

    Not dorky at all. These are things that are important to you. ;)
    Few things can top random gifts from someone you love.

    Thanks for sharing.



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